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My name is Marco Aurélio Wehrmeister (ORCID 0000-0002-1415-5527, ResearcherID G-1811-2010, Google Scholar Profile, Microsoft Academic Profile).

Currently, I'm professor at the Informatics Department (DAINF) of the Federal University of Technology - Parana (UTFPR) at Curitiba. I'm supervisor of master and doctorate projects at the Graduate Program on Applied Computing (PPGCA) and the Graduate Program on Electrical Engineering and Industrial Informatics (CPGEI).

I've received my Ph.D. in Computer Science by a bi-national cooperation between Brazil and Germany at the following institutions:

My Ph.D. work has been supported by the Brazilian research agency CNPq through the PNM program, and also through a cooperation program between Germany's DAAD and Brazil's CNPq research agencies.

In 2009, my Ph.D. work was selected as finalist in the Best Thesis Award of the Brazilian Computer Science Society.

In 2018, I got a productivity research grant (in Portugues, Bolsa de Produtividade em Pesquisa) from Fundação Araucária de Apoio ao Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico do Estado do Paraná (FAPPR).

My research interests are mainly focused on the area of embbeded real-time systems and also cyber-physical systems, covering the whole design of such systems from specification until the implementation and verification of system's software and hardware components.

I'm the head of the Computing Systems Engineering Lab (LESC, in portuguese, Laboratório de Engenharia de Sistemas Computacionais). I'm also a member of the following research groups:

In addition, I've been collaborating with the following research groups:

The results of my research have been published in a book and more than 60 papers in national and international scientific events and journals (see here).

For more information check the links on the left sidebar.

You can also check the LESC repository at GitHub.

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